Introducing the Harvest Nation’s Blog!

Introducing the wonderful world of the Harvest Nation Blog – where topics will cover all sorts of food, healthy lifestyles and Indigenous thought-genres in solidarity with our company’s community-minded mission.

Here, you’ll find that my personal writing style is just one voice in a greater conversation. The Harvest Nation Blog will remain inclusive of many perspectives originating from our region on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota.

We’ll publish submissions from our founding team members (shout out: Denise, Tracey, and Nikki), our local partners, cherish customers, friends and neighbors. Each is encouraged to relate their experiences, insights and opinions straight from the heart and soul.

I am grateful for this digital space where we can mix both science and spirit. I am honored to initiate a platform that will collect stories for a powerful narrative to open us to a more socially and environmentally conscious way of life in our neck of the woods.


Dani Pieratos

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