Company Background

Harvest Nation, Inc. is developing an indoor, vertical farm using automated aeroponic growing technology to serve the Iron Range in northern Minnesota. We are currently research technical, market, and financial needs to start a pilot farming operation in a garage on our property where we reside on the Lake Vermilion Reservation. The exact location will be provided to contractors that wish to submit a bid and wish like to tour the facility, which will be accommodated by appointment only. You can find out more about us on our website: www.harvestnationinc.com.

Bid Solicitation

Harvest Nation is soliciting bids from construction contractors to assist with renovation needs for our 900 SF Morton garage. The garage will be transformed into a grow facility to house our farming activities. The facility needs to meet environmental and energy conditions required by the grow system.

Bid Timeline

  • Bid submissions are due by August 2, 2019. If this is not enough time, please contact Dani Pieratos at 978-906-4070. Bids can be emailed to Dani at dani@harvestnationinc.com.
  • Ultimate contract will not be awarded until financing is approved for this project after completion of research activities, which officially end October 25, 2019. Financing may come in sooner as we are establishing fundraising goals to afford our pilot farming operation.

Renovation Needs

  • Fill in two windows (~47 ½ inch width by 36 inch tall).
  • Remove two-stall garage door (saving for later use).
  • Build wall with new door in space of former garage door.
  • New door needs to be at least 48 inches wide and 90 inches tall.
  • Add larger door in a new wall (former garage door space).
  • Prep surfaces for spray cork to interior (~2460 SF) and exterior (~4100 SF) of facility.
  • Install spray cork interior (~2460 SF) and exterior (~4100 SF) of facility.

*Spray cork information is found at www.corkstore.com on behalf of Jelinek Cork Group.

Contractor Qualifications

  • Licensed and bonded with documentation.
  • 3 professional references that can speak to quality of work and customer service.
  • Located within 40 miles of Lake Vermilion Reservation (Zip Code 55790).
  • Onsite assessment encouraged but not required. Please call Dani Pieratos to schedule: 978-906-4070. Or Denise Pieratos: 218-421-9665.

Contact Information for Bid Solicitation:

Dani Pieratos

President/Sales & Marketing Director

Harvest Nation, Inc.

C: 978-906-4070

E: dani@harvestnationinc.com

W: www.harvestnationinc.com

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