Become one of Harvest Nation’s founding customers!

Until recently, our team’s first major goal was $4 million dollars in capital to establish a 20,000 SF farming facility in Eveleth. As a local, grassroots startup, finding collateral for such a request from the bank has been a barrier for Harvest Nation. To move forward, we’re scaling down our goal to a 900 SF pilot venture.

We decided the best way to engage the community and fundraise is through a Crowdfunding campaign. We are Crowdfunding for pre-sale of our vegetable box subscriptions* to raise money to start our first indoor growing facility.

Before we start the campaign, our company is completing a feasibility and market study to build community through Harvest Nation. We’ll keep you updated through our website as we get ready to roll out our Crowdfunding platform near the end of Spring 2019.

Your early purchase will make it possible for us to grow and distribute boxes of delicious, colorful, nutrient-packed vegetables, year round, for pickup locations in Tower, Ely, Cook, Orr, Virginia, and Eveleth.

Not only will founding customers have their own weekly boxes of fresh, healthy, produce year-round, together we are demonstrating the people of the Northland are progressive, innovative, and committed to social justice and environmentalism.

With the political climate as it is right now, it’s critical to have a visible and active platform for these kinds of issues. The pilot venture will show policymakers and big money what we deserve and want on the Range: the self-sufficient wellbeing of our families, communities, and environments.

Join us in ushering a new future for healthy, sustainable living on the Iron Range using cool tech! You’ll be an important part of the growth of our company as we will continually need your feedback on veggie selections and the distribution services we’ll provide. Basically, we’ll need you to tell us how we can better serve you. You might get a question or two about other ways Harvest Nation could support you in your efforts to sustain your wellbeing.

Pre-order your boxed veggies today!
If you are interested in pre-registering as a customer, please email Dani Pieratos at: Or call her at: 978-906-4070. You can also contact Dani for more ways to become involved with Harvest Nation.

Current Initiatives

Pilot Venture / We’re Doing It
And we are so jazzed. With the guidance of Elizabeth Chapman at Art Unlimited, we’ve decided to use Crowdfunding to pre-sell subscriptions for our first enterprise to raise capital to purchase grow equipment and to renovate our farming facility. We’re a grassroots initiative incorporated by a family team of four Native Women from the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa. Crowdfunding is a great social and cultural fit for building a community around Harvest Nation to get started. We need upfront capital to afford startup operation costs like growing equipment, software, insurance, growing nutrient mix, legal fees, salaries, etc.

Research & Design / The Platonic Quest
We’ll never stop testing, tinkering and tweaking our tech in the quest for its ultimate perfection. We’ll also never stop accepting feedback from our customers, partners, friends, and family.

Denise, CEO and farm designer, has grouped 41+ different plants by their ideal growing conditions into seven farming systems. We’re currently applying for USDA grant funding to allow for continued R&D to expand produce offerings in the future.


We’ve coupled our technology with the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business model for farm operations. Harvest Nation won’t compete with mainstream produce distribution. Direct, weekly subscriptions for our produce removes excessive expenses associated with retail sales. This guarantees our customers get the highest quality, freshest produce that anyone can offer.